Before & After:
Open Rhinoplasty Review

I want to be 100% honest in my review in hopes it genuinely helps others who are researching HMG for their upcoming cosmetic surgery.

I started my journey with HMG in December 2022 with the intent to have both a Rhinoplasty and Mastopexy, despite being warned this is something HMG do not do whilst booking my initial consultation. Regardless this it went ahead 17/03/2023. The staff at HMG Nottingham have offered and continue to offer me  support and a high quality service throughout this journey.

I wanted to highlight particular members of staff as I believe their work at Harley deserves full recognition.

Dr. Sandip Hindocha – I arrived at HMG with a surgeon in mind who I had researched, I explained to Layla my desired result and she asked me to consider Dr. Hindocha. Thank God she did. Professional and gentle with a genuine concern for patient well being. Dr. Hindocha throughout my entire process has had my best interests at heart, even if I haven’t wanted to hear them. I remember calling my Mother the night before surgery worried that I wasn’t as scared or anxious as I imagined, she replied that it was because I entirely trusted my surgeon. She was right. There are many ways to describe my experience with Dr. Hindocha but I’ll stick with one – easy. An easy decision to be under his care, an easy decision to accept his guidance and an easy decision to trust him with fantastic results and that has been entirely because of his demeanour, extensive knowledge and patient care. I was consistently treated with patience, dignity and respect. At almost 5 weeks post op, I am almost fully healed from both an open rhinoplasty and mastopexy with implants and whilst it hasn’t been the easiest or most comfortable 5 weeks of my life at no point have I felt unable to reach out for support from him or the HMG Nottingham team.